I have always had an insatiable and analytic interest in the acting process. I am fascinated by psychology, and what makes a character - and an actor for that matter, tick.  

Coming from an academic family, I have always been drawn to directing and teaching. NIDA offered me the best opportunity to study many different kinds of techniques and choose the ones that worked best for me. I believe there is no right or wrong in acting - a choice will work for some and not others. The important thing, when you walk through that door, is to be flexible, authentic and interesting.

I know from experience that the auditions for which I have been best prepared are the ones I have nailed. And the best preparation is to do it. Perform it. Not in front of a mirror, but with someone else who knows what they will want in the room, and how to get the best out of you.

Into The Woods - Regent Park London

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As actors we may approach each role differently but we all have one thing in common: To Get The Gig.

  • Helen's One On One coaching process begins by discussing the general goal of the session and the audition.

  • Helen then analysis's the text, material or musical numbers for the audition prior to your session.

  • During the One On One coaching session Helen is committed to challenging, rewarding and exploring how best and most interestingly you can present your audition. It's an intense and dedicated process with the actor at the centre.

  • The session is recorded and a digital copy is available as part of the fee.