Working on Legally Blonde the Musical has given me the chance to learn and work with the Amazing Helen Dallimore. Her years of Film / TV, theatre credits nationally and internationally, including her extensive knowledge of the industry meant that when it came time for auditions, show reel prep, searching for the best material, Helen was available and willing to give up her time, assisting with scene break downs and direction for the best preparation possible. Helen gave me a confidence going into auditions for MTC, shooting show reel scenes, and recently for the Role of Fiyero which I have just been cast for the 2013 – 2015 production of WICKED the Musical! Helen is a pleasure to work with and seeks the best from people and can only hope to work with her again in the future!
Steve Danielsen

Helen Dallimore has the ability to speak the actors language. As a successful and respected performer herself, she is fully aware of the benchmarks set in this competitive and often disheartening industry. Helens coaching sessions armed me with a whole new kit of interesting choices to take into the professional casting room, giving me the confidence to overcome my performance anxieties and deliver my absolute best!  
Chloe Zuel

It was my lifelong dream to go to drama school, so I went to Helen to help me with my audition pieces. I had been misled by the concept of ‘taking a risk’ – a phrase often tossed around at drama school Open Days and the like.

The stakes were so high for me, I wanted to show them everything I possibly had to show and cram it all into a 2 minute monologue.
Helen is a very warm and nurturing person, so the environment she creates in her classes encourages actors to take a real risk – a risk to fail, a risk to show vulnerability, a risk to find stillness or a simple moment of truth.

She helped me strip away the razzle dazzle of my audition pieces to find the essence of the character, understand their struggle and live the emotional truth of their present.

Helen is extremely passionate, energetic and focussed and she certainly doesn’t let you off the hook when you’re on a roll. She demands you to push yourself out of your comfort zone.
She introduced me to techniques of voice, imaging and text analysis and gave me the confidence to play in the audition.

I can never thank her enough for helping me achieve my dream.
Georgie Scott

Helen was one of the founding teachers of the London School of Dramatic Art (LSDA) where she taught both acting and improvisation classes as well as directed our inaugural industry showcase.  Her employment stopped only as a result of her getting the lead in the musical ‘Wicked’ when it opened in London.  Our lost was London’s West End’s gain.
During her time here Helen was a wonderfully generous and lively coach. Her approach to teaching was highly personal with a wonderful blend of rigorous technique and individual direction.  She created a safe space so the actors were secure enough to take risks and really challenge themselves. 
Those students who had the pleasure of working with Helen benefited from her extensive professional experience and became more grounded, confident in their choices, and better positioned in their understanding of their craft and future career.
I would highly recommend Helen to anyone seeking tuition or coaching.  I would, without hesitation, have Helen back working at LSDA – sadly the commute to London makes that impossible.
Jake Taylor – London School of Dramatic Art (LSDA)

elen was an invaluable resource throughout my auditions for WICKED. She has a sincerity about her work which I was particularly drawn to. Not only that, but she is a highly-skilled, motivated and well-crafted actor from whom I learned a lot.
Ed Grey

Helen taught screentest technique and drama school audition classes at RE:Actor for several years, and co-directed two of our agent showcases. She is well versed in a wide variety of industry skills, and this diversity of experience is what makes her such a valuable resource. As a casting director, what I always appreciate is a well-prepared actor, and there is no better preparation than a session with an industry professional like Helen. Any experienced or budding performer would benefit from her coaching.
John Mildren
Casting Director, I 4 Casting, Faith Martin
Founding Director Re:actor acting services, Fox Studios.