• Film and TV Screen Tests.

  • Musical Theatre Auditions.

  • TV Commercial Castings

  • Drama School Auditions

  • HSC Drama Works.

Helen has helped a number of experienced and new to the industry actors increase their chances of success. Her personal success and experience gained through training and treading the boards is an invaluable tool for any actor at any level.


  • Recently graduated from drama school and not sure about the next step? London? LA? TV or theatre? Sometimes these early career decisions are pivotal, and difficult to make on your own.

  • Do you need to lose/gain weight? Cut your hair? Change your make-up? Physical appearance is vital as an actor and often people won't tell us if things aren't quite right in that department. You need to look like the parts you want to play.

  • Are you just starting out as an actor but not sure where to start? Is drama school right for you? Do you need to get an agent?

  • Are you struggling with a work/creative life balance? A new parent worried about re-entering the business? Getting older and work not as frequent these days? Are you losing your confidence?

  • Do you find you are always down to the last two or three but for some reason you keep missing out?

"Helen Dallimore has the ability to speak the actors language."

"Helen gave me a confidence going into auditions for MTC, shooting show reel scenes, and recently for the Role of Fiyero which I have just been cast for the 2013 – 2015 production of WICKED"

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Helen in her HELPMANN AWARD winning performance of PAULETTE in LEGALLY BLONDE